America's Woman of the Month - May, 2017

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Annie Corrine Bailey

Biography: Annie Corrine Bailey was born in Solomon, Alaska. She earned her Bachelor of Technology at the University of Alaska. In December of 2006, Goldenline View, Inc. was established by her and has since been working with Nevada Corporate Headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada to complete corporate procedures. The State of Alaska, Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing granted Articles of Incorporation for Alaska Entity 105631 in Real Estate on January 2, 2007. The Certificate of Incorporation was also granted on January 7, 2007 and the Certificate of Good Standing was granted on February 4, 2008. Goldenline View, Inc. is working to begin a gold mining venture at Council, Alaska in cooperation with the Tax Club, Manhattan Professional Group. Their offices are located in the Empire State Building, New York, New York. When she is not attending to her responsibilities as the owner of Goldenline View, Inc. Ms. Bailey enjoys making “Made in Alaska” reversible parkas.
Industry: Real Estate
Born: Solomon, Alaska
Current Organization: Goldenline View, Inc.
Type of Organization: Realty
Major Product: Real estate properties
Area of Distribution: Alaska
Expertise: Construction, gold mining
University/Degree: Bachelor of Technology, University of Alaska
Title: Owner
Hobbies & Sports: Making "Made in Alaska" reversible parkas