America's Woman of the Month - April, 2018

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Lori Bigelow

Biography: The Bigelow Tea Company is an American tea company based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Founded in the late 1940’s by Ruth C. Bigelow, it was based on a recipe marketed as “Constant Comment” tea which is still one of Bigelow Inc.’s most popular products. It is a black tea with orange rind and sweet spice flavorings. In 1945, New York Times food writer, Jane Holt, wrote, “ Ruth Campbell Bigelow and Bertha West Nealey {are} both interior decorators whose enthusiasm for tea has led them to blend their own…an unusual and delicious brew called Constant Comment, which has just been introduced in city store… Unlike ordinary sorts, it is so concentrated that a little goes a long way.” Lori Bigelow has carried on the family tradition specializing in developing tea. She earned her M.S.N. at Keene State College but maintained her relationship with the family business, Bigelow Tea Company. Ms. Bigelow learned all about the business of making specialty teas including a sense of blending, sipping, tasting and tweaking which ultimately led to the development of some of Bigelow’s favorite and best loved teas. Ms. Bigelow was on the board of the U.S. Tea Association and is a member of the Canadian Tea Association. She was instrumental in the purchase of the Bigelow’s Tea Charleston Tea Plantation which she helped to get up and running in 2003 and is still America’s only tea plantation. The Plantation grows and produces American Classic Tea and is open to weddings, tours and music festivals. Ms. Bigelow currently oversees the everyday operations of the plantation and says “As those who came before me, tea has been my life…..and it’s been a great one.”
Industry: Tea
Current Organization: Bigelow Tea
Type of Organization: Manufacturing
Major Product: Tea
Area of Distribution: International
Expertise: Purchasing and creating flavored and herbal teas
University/Degree: B.S., Keene State College
Title: Retired President/Acting Consultant
Affiliations: Board Member, U.S. Tea Association; Canadian Tea Association