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Richard Deane Terrell, Ph.D., AO

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Industry: Education
Born: Adelaide, South Australia
Married: 1961
Current Organization: ANU College of Business and Economics, The Australian National University
Type of Organization: University
Major Product: Higher education
Area of Distribution: National/International
Expertise: Research In Time Series and Econometrics
University/Degree: B.Ec., 1958; B.Ec., Honours in Economics, 1959, University of Adelaide; Registered as B.Phil Student, Oxford, 1959-60; Ph.D., Dept. of Statistics, The Australian National University, 1970
Title: Emeritus Professor
Honors & Awards: Awarded the Order of Australia, 2002
Published Works: Numerous including: Penm, J. and Terrell, R.D. Currency short selling assessment through prices under weather shocks. 2010. Handbook of Short Selling. Gregoriou. G.N. (eds.) McGraw-Hill. In press. Accepted in March, 2010; Penm, J. and Terrell, R.D. Evaluation of evidence for bank equity market volatility in the emerging economy of China. (2010). Handbook of Banking Crises. Edited by G. N. Gregoriou. Chapman-Hall/CRC/Taylor and Francis London, UK, 237-250. Published; Penm, J. and Terrell, R.D., Evaluation of Evidence for Bank Equity Market Volatility in the Emerging Economy of China, Chapman and Hall Book, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis London, UK, (2009). G.N. Gregoriou (ed.).The Banking Crisis Handbook, Chapter 13, pp237; Penm, J. and Terrell, R.D. and A. Wong. Predictability of technical analysis on Singapore stock market, before and after the Asian financial crisis. International Journal of Services Technology and Management. In press. Accepted in March 2008
Affiliations: Chair, Board Member, Canberra Symphony Orchestra; Royal Order of Australia; Chair, Board Member, AARNet Board of Management; Member of the Advisory Board for the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies; Chair, Board of the Sir Roland Wiilson Foundation and the Selection Committee for the Sir Roland Wilson Scholarship Program; Chair, General Sir John Monash Foundation Investment Committee; Member, General Sir John Monash Foundation and Scholarship Awards Committee
Hobbies & Sports: Vineyard, Australian rules football, cricket
Email: deane.terrell@anu.edu.au