Shelley L. Johnson Recently Recognized by America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals

Farmingdale, New York - Shelley L. Johnson of Lacey, Washington, has attained recognition in America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals as Professional of the Year 2013 in Healthcare Business Solutions and most recently has been named Bio of the Month for December 2014.

About Shelley L. Johnson

Shelley L. Johnson is a Senior Analyst for MaxIT-Vitalize Consulting. She was born in Glendale, California. She attended Linfield College in Portland, Oregon where she earned her B.S.N. and the University of California at San Francisco where she earned her M.S.N. MaxIT-Vitalize Consulting specializes in providing IT consulting services to the healthcare market. Their purpose is to improve the management and delivery of healthcare records and services. Ms. Johnson's expertise lies in clinical application implementation and optimization, systems development for data analysis to improve the quality of patient care, reducing healthcare associated errors and consequently reducing healthcare costs. She is affiliated with ANIA and spends her leisure time playing golf, hiking and cycling.

About America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals

Being a member of America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals gives the business professional the type of recognition he/she strives for. The networking potential is here for members to communicate with each other in their own profession or a different industry or profession. Members provide e-mail addresses and websites so that making contact with others is facilitated with the click of a button. America's Registry's membership base is both national and international which gives members a very broad networking tool.

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