Michael E. Glowinski Recently Recognized by America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals

Westbury, N.Y. Michael E. Glowinski of Norwalk, Connecticut, has recently been recognized as Professional of the Year by America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of analytical instruments.

About Michael E. Glowinski

Michael E. Glowinski is currently associated with Wilks Enterprise, Inc. as a Mechanical Designer. He attended Henry Abbott Technical Vocational School for Industrial Electronics and Henry Abbott Technical School for Computer Aided Drafting. His past associations have been with Unimation Robotics as an assembler in Danbury, Connecticut and Perkin Elmer in Norwalk as an assembler in the instruments division. Prior to his association with Wilks Enterprise, he was Head of Design Engineering with Digitech Industries in Bethel, Connecticut. His past accomplishments consist of products marketed including (Digitech) PC900 series protocol analyzers, RAS and (Wilks) SootChek, VFA Spectrometer, InfraRan Gas Analyzer. During his off hours from work, Mr. Glowinski spends time restoring vintage computers.

About America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals

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