America's Registry Poet Laureate for 2012

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Jane Penelope Johnson

Biography: Dr. Jane Penelope Johnson, Ph.D., Grandfather Robert P. Coldiron "Daddy Bob" told her "The best education is to find out what you do not know. After you find out what you do not know, tell everyone!" Dr. Johnson has 3 grandchildren, April Michelle Holman, her husband Robert and Christian Robert Johnson. She has a song “The Symbol” on “The Best of Hilltop Records” for 2011 to be sent nation and worldwide. Her mission statement is “one who strives for excellence.” Soon she will have her Board Certified Christian Counselor, having no one to answer to but counselors by being fully trained and completely competent to care for people God’s way. She is grateful America’s Registry recognized and reported in her biography her contributions to make the world a better place in word (her poetry), thought (her songs) and deed (her counseling). “Blessed” she has been called by important people in high places; she continues to keep her feet on the ground with her tried and true advice, “In all endeavors, never give up, never give in, stay in the game until you win!” Dr. Johnson’s poetry has been published worldwide and nationwide by many poetry organizations including International Society of Poets, Sparrowgrass Poetry, Iliad Press, Famous Poets Society, Poetry Guild, New York. Many of her poems have won awards, “The Wedding,” Amhurst Society (Emily Dickinson Award). “Our Gentle Giant,” “My Husband, My Sons,” American Poetry Anthology, “Unspeakable Love, Eternal Kiss, Christmas Wishes, Glory Bound, America, Not Ending.” "Joy beginning and Comfort from my Grandparents." She has been a finalist in the American Poetry open and continues to be a contract song writer at Hilltop Records (secular music or gospel songs). One of her favorite poems is "My Mama" written to celebrate the life of her mother. Along with “Most Admired Woman of the Decade,” she was honored with a 20th century award from A.B.I. Her husband, Willie, the love of her life has done much to contribute to her success. Her children and grandchildren are her pride. Her challenge to all “Do your best with whatever you have to make the world a better place. You are so special and what you give grows and grows!”
Industry: Writing/poetry
Born: July 1, 1940, Danville, Kentucky
Married: July 15, 1958
Current Organization: "The Beginning or the End" Poem in Glory
Type of Organization: Poems, songs, gospel songs
Area of Distribution: International
University/Degree: Famous Writers School Graduate, Westport, Connecticut, 1967; Honorary Doctor of Letters, London, England, 1993
Title: Freelance Songwriter/World Renowned Poet
Honors & Awards: Most Admired Woman of the Decade; International Woman of the Year, Cambridge, England; 3 time award winner, Woman of the Year, American Biographical Institute; The National Library of Poetry; Listed, International Who's Who of Intellectuals; "Sing Hosanna" CD sent to U.S. troops in Iraq and around the world, Christmas, 2005; Penny's songs No.1 out of 18, Hilltop Records, Hollywood, California; Who's Who of International Poets "Goldpin" sent to Penny Johnson for excellence in poetry and vision; Appointment - Genius Laureate, USA by Janet M. Evans, President, A.B.I.; Inclusion in 500 Greatest Genius Laureates of the 21st Century; Life Member, American Hall of Fame; "Shout it Out" - "Immortal Verses"; 2007; Lifetime Achievement, A.B.I.; Presidential Award from George W. Bush, 2008; Laureate International Biographical Centre Lifetime Achievement Award 2011, sponsored by Director General Nicholas Law and Nominated by the Awards Board of I.B.C.
Published Works: Books, "Anthology, Treasured Poems of America"; "Noble Laureate" from A.B.I.; "Songs of Honour," worldwide - Penny's poem "Introspection" included according to Nigel Hillary, U.K., 2006-07; "A Penny for Your Thoughts," Penny Johnson, Published by Authorhouse, Bloomington, Indiana, 06-30-04- I.S.B.N. #1-4184-2489-7; Currently in Print-A Poetry book warmly written to lift you up and give you hope; The song "Christmas Is" written by Dr. Johnson on the Album "Glory of Christmas," due out Christmas, 2008; 2 songs "Christmas Wishes and Unspeakable Love" on "The Miracle of Christmas" CD, 2009; CD due out November 10, 2010 entitled "Gift of Christmas" with her featured song "The Best King"
Affiliations: International Order of Merit; World Literary Academy; Commission from President George W. Bush; Semi-finalist International Poetry Open; Laureate Founder - International Society of Poets - Advisor, Nobel House - Empire State Bldg. Poetry Office, U.K. - Paris and Tokyo Publishing; B.C.B.C.
Hobbies & Sports: Piano, singing, dancing, walking, swimming