A Legend in the Nuclear Power Industry

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Eldon J. Brunner

Industry: Government/Nuclear
Born: March 31, 1923, Reddick, Illinois
Type of Organization: Government
Major Product: Nuclear regulatory
Area of Distribution: National/International
Expertise: Nuclear power
University/Degree: M.S., University of Illinois
Title: Branch Chief, U.S. Federal Government
Work History: Flight Instructor, Charter Pilot, Univ Of Illinois, 1950 - 1953;Research Asst, under US Army Contract to develop flight training methods for reducing airplane and Helicopter pilot training time,1953; Aircraft Engineer, Convair FT Worth, Texas Author of B-58 flight training Flight Simulator and B-58 Navigator training Simulator 1954-195; Nuclear Reactor Operator/Engineer for Convair, FT Worth, promoted to Supervisor/Manager of the Aircraft Nuclear Power facility 1956 - 1964; Operations Supervisor of Experimental Beryllium Reactor, General Atomics, Calif 1964 - 1967; Reactor Project Engineer for Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), HQ Idaho Falls, Idaho 1967 - 1968; Power Reactor Inspector AEC Region 3 1968 - 1972; Branch Chief, AEC (later became Nuclear Regulatory Commission), initially in charge of utility inspections of the testing of 1000 MW Power reactors, later in charge as the Project Branch Chief of all Power Reactors in Region I 1972 - 1983
Published Works: Reactor inspection reports
Affiliations: American Nuclear Society
Email: ebrunr@cbcast.com
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