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Category: Politics

Inside CentCom: The Unvarnished Truth About the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
By DeLong, Michael
Inside CentCom is the ultimate insider's account--unhindered by political correctness or spin--about what really happened, in the war against the terror masters.

Category: Biography

Of Weeds and Views
By Frances Utterback Crain
Frances Utterback Crain figured out how to be a successful career woman and single parent decades before society caught up to her and provided the labels. She holds a BA from University of Illinois and completed graduate work at Purdue University. Her long career in dietetics and nutrition took her through prisons and hospitals and beyond. Mrs. Crain makes her home in Memphis, TN where she is famous for hosting her "come one, come all" Sunday if you are ever in town on a Sunday morning, check to see if the flag is flying, and go on in...she'll be glad to have you! Through her collection of vignettes -- some authobiographical -- the author takes the reader on a delightful and insightful journey spanning more than eighty years.

Category: Medical

Sleep Thief: Restless Legs Syndrome
By Walters, Arthur S.
This is the first book written for the lay public on the Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Written in conjunction with Virginia Wilson from the RLS Foundation, this book covers all the theoretical and practical therapueutic information regarding RLS known at the time. Readers will still find much of the information to be timely. Many experts in the field contributed chapters and many patients contributed chapters as well.

Sleep and Movement Disorders
By Walters, Arthur S.
This is the first book on involuntary movement disorders in sleep. Each chapter is written by a physician who is an expert in the diagnosis and tretment of the specific movement disorder covered by the chapter. An organizational framework and classification of the sleep-related movement disorders is provided so that these disorders may be more readily diagnosed and therefore treated. The pathogenisis of these disorders is also thoroughly discussed. This book is helpful to practicing Sleep Physicians, Neurologists, and Movement Disorder Specialists

Category: Biography

August and Marie Krogh: Lives in Science
By Schmidt-Nielsen, Bodil
August Krogh, the son of a brewer, studied zoology in Copenhagen and earned his doctoral degree under the physiologist Christian Bohr, the father of the world-renowned nuclear physicist Niels Bohr. Krogh's unusual ability to construct instruments and complex apparatuses and his intuitive understanding of physical principles made it possible for him to improve on Bohr's methods. His findings led him to challenge Christian Bohr's ideas about oxygen secretion, and when Bohr refused to accept his findings, Krogh unwillingly came into a painful conflict with his own mentor. Krogh's continued studies of how oxygen is supplied to the tissues led to his realization that the blood flow in the finest blood vessels, the capillaries, has to be regulated through a mechanism that opens and closes the capillaries according to the tissue's need for oxygen. This idea and his scientific proof were at the time so new and revolutionary that he was promptly (in 1920) awarded the Nobel Prize. His fame in Denmark and all over the world continued to grow until his death in 1949. His scientific discoveries extended from respiration, exercise physiology and capillary physiology into comparative osmoregulation, isotope studies, active transport of ions in plants and animals, and finally insect flight. Another dramatic story of Krogh's life began when he introduced insulin production in Denmark in 1922. This move saved his own wife's life as well as numerous other lives and helped make Denmark's Novo-Nordisk the largest producer of insulin in the world today. Krogh's wife, Marie, became a physician and a renowned scientist in her own right. Throughout their harmonious marriage and partnership, Marie played an important role in her husband's life both scientifically and personally. Written by the proud daughter of August and Marie Krogh, this biography is based on numerous letters, scientific papers, interviews, symposia, and other sources as well as the author's own knowledge of her parents. The intertwining of the scientific work and personal lives of these two remarkable people is beautifully illustrated in a well-rounded picture of their struggles and triumphs. It is a unique book, full of human warmth and scientific understanding

Category: Science

Models of Reality for Static, Nuclei and Atoms
By Erickson, J. Alden
Albert Einstein once predicted that a time would come when nuclear physics and chemistry would be made understandable beyond the initial efforts of classical and wave mechanics. In his new book, J. Alden Erikson reveals enlightening discoveries that could change the way scholars view the atomic realm. "Inside this little book you can learn how physical, nuclear and atomic models were fuond that relate to the physics and chemistry of atoms based on their shape and intrinsic structures," Erikson explains. "Models of Reality" for Static, Nuclei and Atoms begins with the vital component to compounds, the icosahedral carbon atom. He emphasizes its importance in determining bond angles and hybridization and explains how it can be used to "build up and down to develop key elements related to Bohr's ground state..., and ultimately, [to] the chemistry and physics of particle-formed nuclei and atoms." The book is straightforward and concise, and numerous figures enhance the text. Erikson briefly delves into intriguing background on the dilemma of incomprehensible quantum mechanics before offering his models, based on carbon icosahedron, as a solution to understanding the nuclei-atomic relationship.

Neural Computation: From the Hopfield Net to the Boltzmann Machines
By Coughlin, James P.
This book deals with the existing mathematical models of neurons and their interactions. Beginning with the research of John Hopfield, the authors go on to study problems involving Hopfield's network, the modifications introduced by Ackley, Hinton, and Sejnowski, and the rise of the Boltzmann machine.

Category: Poetry

A Penny for Your Thoughts
By Penny Johnson
A Penny for your Thoughts, written by contemporary American poet, Penny Johnson, Lexington, KY, is sure to delight any poetry lover. Poems about nature, love, life, death, philosophy and religion are sure to please any reader. Each poem is written to capture your attention and after you have read it you will be hungry to read more. Penny Johnson's poetry has been published nationwide and worldwide; some of her poetry has become song lyrics. She has many awards and trophies and is "International Writer of the Year 2003" awarded from Cambridge, England. Some of her poems are on The Joy of Poetry cassettes. Her poetry book is written to teach, fulfill, stroke, heal a wound or show beauty. Her main goal is to entertain, uplift, satisfy the poetry lover. It is written in such a way that it is sure to be a classic. Human nature is such that readers need good reading so that each person who reads will be enhanced. "Poetry is the song poets sing to beautify the whole world," Benny says. To be a poet is a gift and should be shared with as many poetry lovers as possible. A Penny for your Thoughts does just that. The first poem of the book and the last and every poem in between is your gift. Enjoy

Category: Biography

A Maverick Nurse - A Nursing Legend
By Elizabeth Pittman
The biography of Luther Christman Ph.D, a highly honored but controversial leader in American nursing, traces the profession and intellectual development that led this coal miner's son to become Vice President of Nursing Affairs, and the Dean, College of Nursing, Rush University.

Category: Miscellaneous

A Critique of Society
By Harold Schneider, Ph.D.
This book presents the author’s commentary of some crucial topics in current-day society and his thoughts on how to greatly improve them. These topics include: The Federal State and Tax System – a fairer and affordable tax system; Illegal immigration and how it should be dealt with; “Death with Dignity,” which affects us all; The legal system-what is wrong with it and important improvements; Organized religion in society-what is wrong with it and important improvements; The UFO phenomenon-a few very convincing cases among many and government cover-ups; More author jokes and the cutest, most adorable little kid, “Angel,” on the planet and why. (She really is an angel!); Board Game Tournaments (BGT) – the author’s 100 percent belief of why it is so important for all segments of the general public to make a new recreational living using only their minds and update their current status; Recent newspaper and Science News articles relating to “8”; Final comments and conclusions; The author’s biography and credentials; Addendum, Color Checkers – the world’s most fantastic board game – seeing is believing!

Category: Religion

A Matter of Faith
By Benjamin F. Plybon
A book about the religion vs. science controversy

Category: Science

A Matter of Faith
By Benjamin F. Plybon
A book about the religion vs. science controversy

Category: Environment

Region Aroused
By Frank W. Osgood
Region Aroused focuses on practical solutions to congestion, inadequate housing, poor education, and mounting health and environmental problems in Los Angeles. The author based this fictionalized account on his own behind-the-scenes participation in political struggles among the region's leaders. Filled with passion for making the region more livable, the story plays out from the state legislature to citizen forums in individual cities, neighborhoods, and sub-regions. It grippingly portrays the forces of political intrigue, romance, betrayal, honor, and integrity that infuse public actions. In the 1999-2002 regional planning process recounted, the main characters rise above their political, professional, and personal tribulations to create a better Region Aroused. The major elements and 12 objectives of the Regional Planning process covered in Region Aroused can and need to be applied to the U.S.'s 60-plus largest metropolitan regions to resolve problems increasingly being faced nationally.

Category: Religion

Awake America
By Barlane Ronald Eichbaum
The United States entered the third century of its existence facing many social, political, and religious issues. Socialism, Communism, and terrorism are such threats. Christianity is not practiced as in the past. Many US citizens neglect the Word of God, and moral decay has risen rapidly. May our people seek God's direction, as per II Chronicles 7:14, so God will bless America and its future. American patriots like Billy Graham, J. Edgar Hoover, and William Buckley expressed facts, thoughts, and quotations in the field of politics, religion, law, defense, energy, environment, and economics. Presently our military power is being reduced. Author Barlane Eichbaum relates biblical prophecy and writings on the Greek, Roman, and British empires to American maladies. These same signs of decay have led other once-great powers to their downfall. This historical and biblical perspective that Eichbaum possesses is a strong plus for Awake America.

Category: Fiction

Across Cane River
By Thomasena Martin-Johnson
Across Cane River: A Saga

Category: Biography

Surviving the Devil
By Angie Cox
A Memoir Surviving the Devil-An Account of Adoption and Abuse.

Surviving the Devil
By Angie Cox
An account of adoption and abuse