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John M. Lalli

Biography: Mr. Lalli has over 35 years of technology and business experience in the information technology field. He is the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Blue Hill Data Services (BHDS) and Computer Alternative Processing Sites (CAPS), which are national IT managed hosting and collocation services providers supporting global clients. They are headquartered in Pearl River, New York, with data centers in New York, New Jersey, and, Connecticut, providing IT infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) support services, and Application Support Services. In June, 2016, Blue Hill Data Services announced their acquisition of XyberNET, a software development company; further expanding their applications services offerings and strengthening their support for the insurance industry. Mr. Lalli has been on both the corporate and managed services sides of the information technology business, and is an industry subject matter expert with a proven, successful track record of delivering growth and superior client services in the Information Technology Cloud Computing space. Mr. Lalli’s career includes twenty-six years in Broadcast/Media/Entertainment with CBS, Inc., where his last position was Vice-President and Chief Information Officer. At CBS, he implemented a revenue generation shared services business which contributed significantly to the bottom line, culminating in a successful strategic outsourcing partnership, the first of a kind for a major television network. Prior to joining Blue Hill Data Services, Mr. Lalli was Executive Vice-President of Infocrossing Inc., a publicly held infrastructure services provider. At Infocrossing, he was part of the leadership team that tripled the growth of that company during the four year period to 2006 leading to its acquisition by Wipro. Previously, he held senior management positions as Senior Vice President Business Development and as Chief Technology Officer for managed hosting services providers Systems Management Specialists (SMS) and Marconi Services (Marconi PLC). Mr. Lalli was invited to the White House as a subject matter expert consultant during the Carter Administration to join the “White House Committee on Technology He was appointed Honorary Chairman and Speaker for the Blessed Sacrament High School (New Rochelle, NY) Alumni Association, had been on the Board of Trustees and Executive Finance Committee for Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center, Liberty Health System since 2002, is affiliated with the American Association of Blood Banks and the Notre Dame Alumni Association. Mr. Lalli was born in Mt. Vernon, New York and obtained a Bachelor of Arts., Cum Laude, in Economics and Management Sciences from the University of Notre Dame and has done post-graduate studies in Computer Science. He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran serving in U.S. Army Intelligence. He is married and has five children. In his spare time he enjoys golf and family activities.
Industry: Information Technology
Born: Mt. Vernon, New York
Current Organization: Blue Hill Data Services
Type of Organization: IT Managed Hosting and Collocation Services Provider
Major Product: IT Infrastructure Support Services
Area of Distribution: National/International
Expertise: Mr. Lalli has over 35 years of experience in information technology. He has been on both the corporate and managed services sides of the information technology business.
University/Degree: B.A., Cum Laude, Economics and Management Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Indiana; Post-graduate studies, Computer Science, University of Notre Dame; Computer Alternative Processing Sites
Title: Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director
Honors & Awards: Decorated Vietnam Veteran, US Army Intelligence; Invited by the White House as subject matter expert technology consultant (Carter Administration) to join 'White House Committee on Technology"; DeSeversky Institute CBS School of Management Award for Leadership; Appointed Honorary Chairman and Speaker, Blessed Sacrament High School Alumni Association; Appointed to Board of Trustees and Executive Finance Committee, Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center, Liberty Health System since 2002
Published Works: Articles in several trade journals
Affiliations: American Association of Blood Banks; Board of Trustees, Meadowlands Hospital, Secaucus, New Jersey; Notre Dame Alumni Association
Hobbies & Sports: Golf, family activities