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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive. If you can't find the answer to your particular question please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives (516-997-5881) who will gladly help you.

General Questions

Membership Questions A-Z

The recognition is great but what does it actually do for me?

As a leader in your field, America's Registry gives you the type of national recognition not found anywhere else. People may join memberships, societies and organizations to develop business contacts, thus gaining image and credibility for themselves and their organization. As a powerful third party endorsement, America's Registry offers this kind of recognition for individuals on a national basis with the added benefit of instantaneous networking with the other members. We encourage members to welcome, network and help each other whether they're in the same or an entirely different industry or profession. Being in America's Registry should be viewed by the members as a letter of introduction to all the other members.

As a third party endorsement, members may display their wall plaque of achievement, which conveys to your existing and potential clients that you are someone with whom they want to do business. As a third party endorsement, members may list us on their web sites, resumes and C.V.'s.

I received the invitation letter. How did you get my name and what does it all mean?

America's Registry could receive your name in many different ways. All our members receive a nomination ballot and have the opportunity to name their own nominations. In addition, our research staff gathers information from newspaper publications, national magazines and other periodicals as well as from information suppliers that enable us to obtain the names of high caliber individuals, people whom we feel merit inclusion in the registry. If your name was selected, it means that from our initial research, we feel that you should be granted an interview which will allow us to make a final determination. Please don't ask us who nominated you. To avoid potential embarrassment by all parties, we do not track that type of information.

Tell me about America's Registry

America's Registry plays an important role in the biographical publications market. Based on one's lifetime of accomplishments, our publication showcases thousands of professional men and women in all academic areas and professions. We stress the networking for all members and facilitate this by coding the publication, not only alphabetically, but by company name, city, state and profession. Through our online database, members are able to search through thousands of parameters.

If accepted, will I be listed if I do not become a member?

In one word, Yes! We will publish a basic listing for everyone who received final acceptance by one of our Associate Directors. However, none of the associated services that go along with membership are included.

Can I find the book in the library or bookstore?

Although the registry will be available at Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon.com in 2010, the registry is not distributed to local libraries. For the protection of our members, we want to keep the registry from unsolicited phone calls and mailing lists. The Library of Congress will have a copy, where it does become a part of documented U.S. history.

How much does the registry cost?

The member price is dependent upon the level of membership. For non-members the publication retails for $349.00.

Who uses the registry?

The Registry is used primarily by the members as a networking and research tool. For those with online access, the database may be researched online by many different queries.

How many members do you have?

The 2010 edition of the Registry has more than 20,000 listings in most major professions that will encompass Business, Law, Medicine, Engineering and the Arts and Sciences.

What do I have to do to become a member?

The first step starts by filling out and submitting the information card that came with your invitation. Once we review the information, you'll be contacted by telephone by someone from our Candidate Selection Group who will obtain more detailed information about you to complete your biography and to determine your acceptance. Once accepted, you will receive a galley proof where you then become the final editor. If for any reason you are not accepted, you will be told why and, in most cases, you may be invited to re-submit your application in the following years.

After I become a member, what will happen next?

Within ten days you will receive your "New Member Welcome Package" along with your galley proof. You will have the opportunity to check the proof for accuracy and make any changes for the final draft. You will also receive our logo and seal, which can be used on your business cards and stationary. Within three weeks you will receive your custom engraved wall plaque of achievement.

What is the method of payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. By totally eliminating a billing department we are able to keep the costs down for the members. In addition, it is by far the safest way to do business because there are no checks "floating around" in the mail. Last but not least, your credit card provider is obligated to protect you on all your purchases.

When will I receive my registry?

The registry is published annually during the second quarter of each year. You will be notified just prior to the release date.

How do I nominate someone?

You will receive a nomination ballot along with your welcome letter that will give you an opportunity to nominate up to three people. However, if you have someone you would like to nominate, please feel free to contact your customer service rep at any time. People typically nominate colleagues or other people they feel have shown leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.

How do I renew my membership?

Before your membership expires you will be given an opportunity to renew or upgrade to a longer term. Once members develop an experience factor, they tend to upgrade to a longer term, which is always more cost effective.

How do I get my book into the bookstore?

Contact us at (516) 997-5881 ext 100 or email us at News@Americasregistry.com and provide your book information. We will then link your Amazon page to our bookstore for the members to view.

How do I get my username and password?

If you lost or misplaced your username or password please contact your Associate Director and we will gladly send you another one.

How do I make changes to my biography and when is the deadline?

Once you receive your galley proof we would like to have your changes within thirty days so we can process the information in an orderly flow. However, if at anytime during the year things change, you have up until the closing date to submit revised biographical information as well as camera ready art work or photographs. The closing date is generally in the month of August.

Can I make online corrections?

Due to computer viruses, we prefer to receive any corrections either by mail or fax.

My plaque was damaged in shipping

Contact your Associate Director. You will receive instructions on how to return your plaque.

Where do I send my logo or photograph?

We prefer a black and white passport photograph with your name and member number written on the back. This will provide us with a uniform looking publication. Most major drugstore chains now provide passport photo services at a nominal cost. We will accept a hard copy of your camera-ready logo or you may submit it to us via e-mail in *.jpg format to News@Americasregistry.com